Fender and HBO Team Up to Release Three Game of Thrones Themed Guitars

By April 17, 2019Guitar, Guitars, News
sigil collection

Fender Custom Shop and HBO have teamed up to celebrate the release of the final season of Game of Thrones with the release of the Sigil Collection – three master-built handcrafted guitars.

Winter is here! To celebrate the final season of Game of Thrones, Fender Custom Shop has teamed up with HBO to produce the Sigil Collection.

Fender’s Game of Thrones  ‘Sigil Collection’ begins with a House Stark Telecaster, that has all of the rawness and rough edges that you’d expect from a Lord of the North. Next up is the House Lannister Jaguar, with its opulent gold leaf detailing – only the best for the wealthiest house. Lastly is the House Targarian Stratocaster, which has a hand-worked ‘dragonscale’ finish, which of course is fitting for the legendary dragon tamers.

Each model in Fender’s Sigil Collection is built to order through the Fender Custom Shop, and handcrafted by Fender’s Principal Master Builder Ron Thorn, who dedicates over 100 hours to each instrument.

This collaboration came about after Game of Thrones co-creator and avid guitar player D.B Weiss met Fender CEO Andy Mooney. Two years ago the pair decided to work on a creative partnership that fans of the series and guitar players would both enjoy.

“Ron Thorn at Fender has built three beautiful, GoT-inspired works of art, and you can out-shred your enemies with all of them,” stated Weiss.

“The craftsmanship and attention to detail reminds me a lot of what we saw in our costume and armory shops, and on our sets. I hope these make a few other people 1/1000th as happy as they make me.”

Head over to the Fender Custom Shop website for more information.

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