Fender Adds Fuzz, Boost and Distortion to its Stable of Pedals

By July 10, 2018Guitar, News, Pedals

Fender have just announced that they’ll be increasing their successful family of new stompers by three: say hello to the Pelt Fuzz, Full Moon Distortion and Engager Boost.

Fender serves up the crunch a trio of new effects pedals: the Pelt Fuzz, Full Moon Distortion and Engager Boost offer new ways to put the guitar in the front of the mix.

From the mind of Stan Cotey – an engineering mastermind with decades of experience, who has also collaborated with Eric Clapton, Joe Bonamassa and The Edge – the new pedals provide a wide range of options for players to pursue classic tones or new and singular sonic footprints.

The Engager Boost adds up to 20dB of boost, with an additional 3-band EQ to create maximum cut-through. You also have the option of selecting a centre frequency for EQ shaping with a switch.

The Full Moon Distortion packs the aforementioned 3 band EQ, with a bite switch to add upper-mid range and harmonics for players to effortlessly articulate heavy riffs.

The Pelt Fuzz features all the beauty of a traditional fuzz and more, including a mid switch to boost or cut the mid range frequencies, while the thick switch lives up to its name.

For more info, be sure to check in with Fender.

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