Express Yourself with Keith McMillen’s K-Board Pro 4

By June 19, 2019Keys, News, Software
kboard pro 4 keith mcmillen midi control mpe

It’s clearly an exciting time to be interacting with MIDI. New technologies have unlocked new and intuitive ways to express yourself musically.

The K-Board Pro 4 combines multi expression capabilities and traditional keyboard feel like no other.  It has its own proprietary Smart Fabric tech, plus it conforms to the MIDI MPE standard.kboard pro 4 keith mcmillen midi control mpe

Keith McMillen has an unrivalled pedigree in the field of MIDI control. The K-Board Pro 4 aims to unlock even more expressive territory.

Despite the colour, the McMillen machine presents a pretty traditional four octave keyboard layout. The headline news is that this controller is MPE compatible.

MPE is a MIDI protocol which enables multi dimensional expression. This means that different types of touch – like pressing and holding, or sliding upward or downwards on a key – will trigger different kinds of sounds.

Traditional MIDI also means that pitch bends and mod wheel sweeps alter each note in a chord the same way. With MPE, each note has its own channel, so more complex harmonic textures are available under the fingertips.

The controller also ships with KBP4 Editor software works with Mac, Windows, iOS and Andrioid, so you can further customise the parameters.

For more details, head over to Keith McMillen.

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