Explore iZotope’s Hidden Wonder: Pro Audio Essentials

Plugin maestros iZotope have enjoyed a long established reputation for excellent software suites (focusing on music production, mastering and audio restoration in particular). Pro Audio Essentials might have escaped your attention though. It’s a course that gives you the basics on EQ, compression and digital audio.

Pro Audio Essentials from iZotope provides a crash course in a few crucial elements of audio engineering, including digital audio, compression and EQ.

In the EQ section of the course, you can practise boosting and cutting across the frequency spectrum as you listen to a track, and test yourself by listening to different degrees and qualities of EQ.

The compression section takes you through a plethora of compression types, including compressor controls, listening for dynamics and techniques like sidechaining.

Digital audio basics covers potentially opaque aspects, including sample rates, bit depth and lossy audio.

Visit the site for more details.

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