Explore Guitar and Bass Synthesis with the Roxsyn App

roxsyn app

It’s long been the beef of guitarists who want to access a world of synth tones in their productions: how do I get there without needing to play a keyboard? There are some software based workarounds, or you could go down the MIDI guitar route – but some of these options are clunky at best.

Enter the Roxsyn Guitar Synthesizer app from developer, Yonac Inc. It’s an affordable app for the iOS platform that avoids the traditional techniques for translating guitar into MIDI, allowing you to maintain full expression while opening up a new world of tonal possibilities.

If you’re a guitarist looking to explore new tonal territories, there’s an app for that. The Roxsyn app transforms genuine guitar expression into powerful synth sounds.

The Roxsyn app relies on what the developers have titled metamorphic sound generation technology. And while there’s no technical explanation of what this actually means, the app promises to translate guitar specific techniques like sliding, bending and so forth in seamless synth form. You’ll just need an iOS audio interface to plug into.

The synth engine itself is also quite powerful. There are three oscillators each offering five waveforms, dual filter banks that are designed specifically for guitar, an arpeggiator and a section dedicated to modulation and effects.

For more details, visit the app store.

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