Explore Glitchy Atmospheres with Remnant from Creative Intent

Creative Intent Remnant Plugin

Traditionally, delay comes in a few different colours and across the digital and analog spectrum. Parameters are quite similar, with feedback and delay time chief among them. Remnant, however, offers up a new way of approaching this time-honoured effect.

This new plugin from Creative Intent creates sharp and stuttering echoes, yet also pays tribute to the tape based analog delays of previous generations, to deliver a sound that has freshness and familiarity.

Creative Intent Remnant Plugin

Remnant from Creative Intent will make you look at delay in a new a way. Instead of straight, rhythmic echoes, it delivers glitchy, atmospheric soundscaping tools.

The plugin’s architecture is key to its ability to create startling sonic atmospheres. It has a delay line inspired from the classic tape echoes and two independent grain engines. These grain engines draw fragments from the “analog” line, feeding back into themselves and each other. This creates Remnant’s glitchy and variable patterns.

Notably, the reactive freeze feature enables the grain engines to infinitely draw from the frozen sound. When an input sound retriggers envelope threshold, the new sound starts the process all over again. In short, it’s a new way to perform in concert with delay.

The user interface is clean, stylish and presents a friendly way to navigate the possibilities of this futuristic sound.

For more info, head over to the Creative Intent website.

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