Eventide Releases the Spicy HotSawz Synth for it’s H9 Effects Pedal

By November 21, 2018News, Pedals

Eventide has released it’s 50th effect for it’s ever expanding H9 effects pedal. The HotSawz is named after it’s six stackable sawtooth oscillators and packs in three modulation sources and four assignable destinations.

Eventide claims the versatile HotSawz “allows you to create a wide palette of sounds that run the gamut from classic synthwave to a pulsing panorama of bouncing blips, brassy swells, and sub-bass swagger.”


The every expanding, ultra versatile Eventide H9 has scored its 50th algorithm, the HotSawz; a new pitch-tracking, monophonic synth engine.

The Eventide H9 is an award-winning unit that packs a whole pedalboard into one, which is customisable via the Eventide H9 app and upgradable via the app store.

The new HotSawz is the latest in a continuing stream of updates, a powerful synthesizer with modulation sources including LFO, Envelope Follower and an ADS Gate. The synth’s four assignable destinations include a Filter Cutoff, Volume, Pitch and Oscillator Depth, with each source able to be assigned to these at any time.

Multiple sources can affect the same destination, with a total of 64 combinations of source to destination assignments, making this one experimental effect. Churn out anything from sci-fi thriller from Blade Runner to 8-bit video game noises.

“Too spicy? Dial it back with the global Mix function and maintain some of your original tone. Not spicy enough? Transpose the oscillators up and/or down by one octave for that thick, analog synth sound. Create your own recipe for sonic satisfaction by sprinkling on a bit of HotSawz to excite your auditory taste buds!”

Check out Eventide’s product page for more information.

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