EssenceFM is Kodamo’s Hardware Synth of the Future

By June 14, 2019News, Synths
kodamo essencefm fm synth

FM synthesis has made quite the comeback of late. After the insane popularity of the Yamaha DX7 wained, this distinct digital architecture dipped as well, giving way to the renaissance of analog (which is obviously still in full swing).

The EssenceFM from French company Kodamo is part of the trend but goes far beyond in terms voice count, customisation and ease of use.kodamo essencefm fm synth

With one foot in the ’80s but with an eye toward the future – the EssenceFM is a deeply capable, but user friendly FM synth that offers up endless sonic possibilities.

FM synths of yesteryear sounded fantastic, but were notoriously difficult to program. Menu navigation was opaque and understanding the its groundbreaking architecture was a challenge to all but the most dedicated digital nerd.

These kind of limitations are exactly what Kodamo is trying to circumvent with the EssenceFM. The synth’s graphical approach is at the core of its workflow, making the sound design straightforward and fun.

Sound wise, it features 300 voice polyphony, up to 128 layered or split voices per patch, topped with 2 integrated effects processors.

It can also be rackmounted to slot in next to your studio outboard gear, or used a (rather large) tabletop module.

For more details, visit the Kodamo website.

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