Ernie Ball Makes New Waves with the Expression Tremolo Pedal

Ernie Ball have just released the Expression Tremolo pedal – packed with five distinct waveforms and a luscious spring reverb.

Adding a new level of nuance to tremolo, the Expression Tremolo covers a wide range of waveshapes and ambience while enabling expressive fade controls.

With a functionality more akin to a wah or a volume pedal (but smaller), the new pedal from Ernie Ball allows for a dynamic shaping of the depth and speed of tremolo waveforms.

There’s also an independently controlled spring reverb for adding an vintage ambience that often goes hand-in-hand with tremolo.

The waveforms span the spectrum of subtle wobbling, to heavy chopping and include slow rise, slow fall, sine, square and harmonic shapes.

The Expression Tremolo pedal is out now in the U.S. and is expected to roll out internationally in September.

Check out Ernie Ball for more details.

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