Erica Synths Releases Sample Drum and Plasma Drive Modules

Erica Synths have been in stellar form lately when it comes to Eurorack modules. Now the Latvians are back with two new devices: the Sample Drum and Plasma Drive.

Erica Synths are back with two new modules. The Sample Drum brings sophisticated sampling to the Eurorack format, while the Plasma Drive dishes up unique distortion.

The Sample Drum features real time processing (effects like delay, bitcrush, filters and more), sample recording, manual and automatic sample slicing. There’s also a sample library included on a 16 GB SD card.

All these options and more are controllable using the six knob control panel and intuitive screen. This makes it easy to zoom in and make precise sample cuts and loops.

The Plasma Drive uses a decidedly different method of producing distortion. It boosts the audio signal to 3000 volts, in a process that the company describes as “playing a lightning bolt of electricity,” which produces an extremely heavy distortion.

In addition to its signature distortion, you can mix wet and dry signals, as well as add extra harmonic excitement by moving tracking oscillators up or down by up to two octaves.

For more info on these new Eurorack modules, visit Erica Synths.

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