Erica Synths Launches the Techno System Eurorack Bundle

Billed as the “ultimate tool for rhythm based music production” the Techno System by Erica Synths provides everything you need to create a techno masterpiece.

The possibilities are endless. The Techno System from Erica Synths combines drum modules, a monosynth,  a step sequencer and more in one Eurorack bundle.

The Techno System’s drum modules are internally patched to the sequencer, which frees up your mind to focus on audio routing. With a modulator, effects and drive module on hand, there are myriad avenues sound sculpting and destroying.

A few of the features include the Bassline module – perfect for basses and leads – which packs a VCO with three waveforms.

The whole kit is on hand as well, with a TR-909 inspired Snare Drum module, and a HiHats module with adjustable envelope generators.

The Drum Sequencer features 16 trigger outputs and 12 accent outputs, while the Dual Drive has two overdrive circuits, each with three distorted flavours.

Head over to Erica Synths for more info.


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