EMMA Electronic Launches the ND-1 Navigator Delay Pedal

By November 27, 2018Guitar, News, Pedals, Recording

EMMA Electronic has brought together the best of digital and analog tech in one pedal. The ND-1 Navigator Delay offers up everything you’d expect from a delay, plus the ability to split delay voices, opening up new rhythmic textures.

The ND-1 Navigator Delay from EMMA Electronic combines the classic with the forward-thinking. Vintage analog colour and futuristic sound design elements are on tap in this new pedal.

Typical delay controls are on hand in the form of feedback and time (up to a whole second). There is also an additional modulation section with speed and depth controls, adding a lush shimmer to the repeats.

The ND-1’s delay splits are where things get interesting. It has separate level controls for the main and second delays and a switch that subdivides the rhythm of the second delay.

When run in stereo, the left and right outputs are splits between wet and dry, further enhancing it creative rhythm capabilities.

Head over to EMMA Electronic for more details.

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