Elysia Unveils the Skulpter 500 Tone Shaping Preamp

500 series preamps have enjoyed exponential growth in maturity and cleverness in recent years. The Skulpter 500 from Elysia is no exception, packing an awful lot of punch for its size.

Getting an inspiring tone at the front end of a signal chain is all-important in the art of recording. The Skulpter 500 from Elysia provides versatility and sophistication in the form of a 500 series preamp.

The unit is based on 100% discrete topology, meaning that preamp, DI, sound shaping paths and compressor enjoy their own circuitry. Therefore a myriad of different tonal combinations can be created to taste.

Two preset EQ paths or “shapes” are designed to make the most of instruments or vocal signals. The instrument shape features a more harmonically saturated path, the vocal shape cleaner with a slight high-mid boost for more airiness.

Conveniently, it’s also fitted with a JFET DI input for high impedance sources like guitars, basses and synths.

For more info, head over to the Elysia website.

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