Ellistronics Deliver a Sleek Rework of Their Ellitone Synth

By August 22, 2019Effects, News, Outboard, Synths
Ellitone Synth close up

First released in August last year, Ellistronics Ellitone, made its way into synth lovers hearts with its charming aesthetic. This fun little digital synthesiser invites experimentation and requires no prior knowledge – simply patch in and play. Developer Ellis shipped 168 of the units in their original wooden style all over the world.

Consequently, the Ellitone became known as a secret gem between synth-heads everywhere. Positive reviews came flooding in about its quirky sounds. As a result, Ellistronics have now redesigned the Ellitone to produce the modern and sleek 2020 edition. Ellitone Synth close up

The Ellitone 2020 makes synthesis fun and easy. Its smooth new redesign is family friendly with enough power to rival synths twice its size.

The layout of the device is quite unusual containing 4 knobs, 4 keys, and a central patch bay. At the heart of the Ellitone is its 6 sound synthesis modes including wavetable, patterns, FM and bouncing ball sequencing.  As well as Chirpp cosine-grain and Panic Voice data distortion synthesis.

By patching in different modes you can completely change the function of the keys and knobs, giving you 6 unique control schemes. In embracing an unconventional style, Ellistronics has produced a system that both encourages newcomers and fascinates synth veterans.

Ellistronics Ellitone Multi-Synth is available now on Etsy.

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