Elektron Unveils Analog Heat MKII Sound Processor

Elektron has just released the Analog Heat MKII. It does just about anything you can think of in the realm of distortion and creative filtering. And with its I/O capabilities, it promises to be the swiss army knife of mobile recording.

The little box that does it all, from mobile recording, to distortion, to synthesis: Meet the Analog Heat MKII from Elektron.

The unit features eight distortion circuits, which express all kinds of flavours that span clean boost, amp overdrive, tube saturation, fuzz and more.

Seven analog filter types are on-hand for creative sound sculpting options, as well as an assignable envelope generator and LFO, all topped off by a two band stereo EQ.

The Analog Heat possesses a healthy amount of connectivity for a mobile setup, including two balanced outputs, a stereo headphone output and two balanced inputs.

It’s capable of 48kHz/24bit conversion, meaning it offers a recording solution, complete with analog processing.

Visit Elektron for more details.

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