Elektron Reveal the Digitone Keys Digital Polysynth

Elektron are an industry leader in hardware samplers, drum machines and synths. Up until now, their range has focussed on desktop units. Now, they’ve taken one of their favourites and made it even more complete. Meet the Digitone Keys.

Elektron have enjoyed a reputation for making high quality desktop units. With the Digitone Keys, you can do take your productions from the studio to the stage in one package.

Here’s how Elektron sum up their new creation:

With this ready-to-go performance machine, curiosity is all you need. Wield the Digitone’s powerful sound engine with even more control with intuitive sound crafting, 37 keys, 8 voice polyphony, mod and pitch wheels, dedicated outputs per track, and brand new customizable controls.”

So, aside from the 37 keys, you get 8 voice polyphony with multiple FM algorithms and operator harmonics. Two assignable LFOs per voice are available, plus the ability to store 2048 patches.

As with all Elektron units, the sequencing capability is deep, and send and master effects, such as chorus, delay, reverb and overdrive are under your fingertips.

Visit Elektron for more details.

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