Electronic Voyager: A New Bob Moog Documentary and Album Announced

By May 2, 2019News, Synths

Electronic Voyager is a new documentary which tells the true story behind the legend of Bob Moog. It’s seeking funding for the last stage of production via indiegogo.

Bob Moog is of course one of the true trailblazers of instrument technology. Electronic Voyager is a new documentary and companion album that chronicles his sonic journey.

The production is from the team at Waveshaper Media, who were also behind the music documentary I Dream of Wires. 

Here’s what they have to say about their new venture:

In Electronic Voyager, we follow Michelle (Moog-Koussa, Bob’s daughter) on an emotional road trip journey across the USA, Europe, and the UK, retracing her father’s groundbreaking footsteps. Michelle’s voyage is an effort to reconcile the father she knew with the world-famous icon and inventor of the legendary Moog synthesizer.”

The film also showcases interviews from synth music luminaries, including Rick Wakeman, Gary Numan and Jean-Michel Jarre among others.

If you back the project, you can also pick up Electronic Voyages: Early Moog Recordings: a limited edition collection of early Moog recordings, spanning from 1964 to 1969.

To find out more about the project, head over to indiegogo.

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