Electro Harmonix Unveil the Bass Mono Synth Pedal

By January 23, 2019Guitar, News, Outboard, Pedals

Electro Harmonix have just launched their newest low end friendly stompbox – the Bass Mono Synth. The pedal spans from the classic to the unheard of, all in a very hands on package.

The Electro Harmonix Bass Mono Synth adds another dimension to bass guitar tone. It offers up eleven synth tones and hands on expressive control.

The controls feature Dry which controls the bass’ dry volume, Synth controls the level of the monosynth tone. In combination, these two controls allow you to make a nuanced blend of both tones.

The Sens knob controls the sensitivity adjusts the way that the pedal responds to the dynamics of your bass playing, while Ctrl (short for control) allows you to tweak a key synth parameter, depending on the synth type.

There are eleven synth types on hand, with descriptors including Laser, Growl and Oblivion, which will no doubt inspire experimentation!

For more info, head over to the EHX website. 

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