Electro-Harmonix Announces 3 New Dirt Pedals in Time For Christmas

By December 3, 2018News, Pedals
electro harmonix

Christmas is coming and Electro-Harmonix has surely been getting ready with the launch of three new pedals, the Sovtek Deluxe Big Muff Pi, Nano Battalion and Flatiron Fuzz. This new range of heavy dirt from the New York manufacturer will surely be lining the stockings of many guitarists this festive season.

electro harmonix

Santa has come early for Electro-Harmonix, with three new dirt pedals that will have guitarists wanting to be naughty rather than nice.

Sovtek Deluxe Big Muff Pi

The latest Big Muff from EHX is a hybrid between their recent Green Russian Big Muff reissue and their larger cased Big Muff Deluxe. The guts of the new stompbox is based on the ‘civil war’ circuit, however, now there are more sound-sculpting controls than ever, including a mids EQ with an expression input (like an inbuilt wah), a noise gate, a blend/mix control and a tone wicker switch for attack and definition.

Flatiron Fuzz

The next offering is the Flatiron Fuzz, which is EHX’s interpretation of the ProCo RAT2. The Flatiron uses a 70’s based Op-Amp circuit to produce the hugely versatile distortion/fuzz that many artists loved in the original. The volume, drive and filter controls are relatively straightforward and tweak the noisy beast as if it were a RAT.

Nano Battalion Preamp/Overdrive

The Nano Battalion is designed specifically for bass and is both a preamp and an overdrive, based on a MOSFET drive circuit. With a multi-band EQ, mid-cut and boost toggle switches, this stompbox is a hugely flexible tone shaper for four stringers.

If you need to put in an order with Santa Claus, take a look at the Electro Harmonix product page.

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