Electrical conduits, lintels and deep wall penetration

By October 12, 2010Making Enmore Audio
sydney recording studio

It’s been a whole week since our last entry and all we can see are walls, walls and more walls. Almost the entire framework has been completed and two lots of additional deliveries have been ordered to make up the shortfall of originally estimated material requirements. Of course these are all paid for on a trust credit card which is maxing out pretty fast.

studio frames

A week worth of electrical conduits, lintels and deep wall penetration. The studio is finally getting somewhere.

There have been some very interesting unseen developments in the way of electrical conduits, lintels and wall penetrations. You’ll notice on Fig 3 that the studio plans are now permanently pinned up to the wall for the builder to read and follow. I’ve spent most of the week filling joins and gaps to ensure every seal is as air tight as possible,

sydney recording studio

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