EHX Celebrates 50 Years With The V1 Triangle Big Muff Pi Reissue

By September 7, 2018News, Pedals

At my Dad’s 50th, he jumped on the living room table and started singing Tom Jones’ It’s Not Unusual. Electro Harmonix has done something a little more practical for their half-century celebration.

Today they’ve announced a reissued of their original Version 1 Big Muff Pi, ‘The Triangle,’ named aptly for the arrangement of its knobs. This pedal is the one that started it all and, since 1969, has been loved by some of the greats of rock, from Gilmour to Santana.

Big Muff

Its Electro Harmonix’s 50th birthday and to celebrate they have reissued their legendary V1 ‘Triangle’ Big Muff Pi, supplying years of sustain since 1968!

EHX claims the new stompbox is a faithful recreation of the original circuit, housed in a board-friendly diecast housing, the same size as the Russian and Op-Amp reissues. At a glance, the pedal has plenty of vintage DNA and features the same decals as the late ’60s classic, using the same volume, sustain and tone controls that have graced its face for five decades.

The reissue also features a few modern conveniences that weren’t on the V1, including an LED – so you know it’s on – true bypass switching and the option of a 9-volt AC adapter. Thanks EHX!

EHX founder, Mike Matthews, says: “The Big Muff Pi is the pedal we are best known for so I wanted to commemorate EHX’s 50th Anniversary (1968-2018) by re-releasing V1, the very first Big Muff. Original pedals are now selling for hundreds of dollars and this reissue absolutely nails that creamy, violin-like sustain and musical tone at a price a working musician can afford.”

For more information check out the EHX website.

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