EarthQuaker Devices Reveal The Deeply Versatile and Characterful Pyramids Stereo Flanger

Ohio-based pedal masters EarthQuaker Devices have unleashed a deeply versatile and characterful stereo flanger.

With luscious, psychedelic swirls and flexible routing options Earthquaker Devices Pyramids goes way beyond typical flanging soundscapes.

The tonal options of the pedal include five presets, eight modes of flanging, tap tempo and a variable mix control. It’s built using the same proprietary DSP as their Avalanche Run Stereo Reverb and Delay.

Some of the main controls include Manual – for controlling the delay time of the modulated signal; Rate – where you can tweak the LFO speed; and Feedback – for regenerating the modulated signal.

The factory presets include Classic, Barber Pole Up, Trigger Up, Step and Random. Routing options include mono in and mono out, mono in and stereo out, stereo in and stereo out and dual mono inputs to run two different instruments through the pedal.

This just scratches the surface of what the Pyramids can do. Check out Earthquaker Devices for more information.

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