Dust Off Your Ivory With These Three Free Key Plugins

By June 12, 2019News, Software
Free Key Plugins

Have you been letting that Midi keyboard go dusty? Well, we might have just the thing for you. Diskpiano, Little Roadey and Padspheres are three free key plugins, ready to overhaul your DAW.

Free Key Plugins

Need free key plugins? Diskpiano, Little Roadey and Padspheres are three good reasons to blow the dust off your Midi keyboard.

Diskpiano, Little Roadey and Padspheres all come courtesy of Laptop Muscian Blog, all are free to download and come avaliable as VST/VST3/AUplugin instruments for macOS (64-bit) and Windows (64-bit and 32-bit).

Here’s the rundown:


Diskpiano is a piano plugin that features recordings from a Yamaha MX100II Disklavier, with each sample recorded at two velocity ranges for loads of personality and character. Download here.

Little Roadey

Little Roadey is an easy to use emulation of the classic Fender Rhodes. The plugin comes equipped with a tremolo, reverb and an adjustable gain dial. Download here.


Padspheres is a 25 strong collection of pads and atmospheres, which can create everything from small stabs to huge atmospheres, with all sounds in the plugin having their own unique spacial characteristic. Download here.

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