Dust Off Those Old Axes: Guitarist Invents a New Way to Learn Scales Fast

By January 11, 2018Guitar, News

Guitarist Leo Pelletier has gifted Reddit a newly invented system for memorising scales on the guitar.

Conquering the fretboard can be frustrating. Leo Pelletier has invented the LP6 Guitar Scale System for navigating scales and enhancing improvisation.

After finding himself at a creative dead end, Pelletier used his background in numerical systems to conceive a new way to understand scales, which helped him improvise confidently in all keys within weeks.

The jury will always be out on the best method of learning an instrument, but if you have a penchant for maths and are looking for new ways to understand the fretboard, the LP6 Guitar Scale System might be worth investigating.

Best of all, it’s freely donated by the author and you can download it here.

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