Dunlop is Set to Release the MXR Carbon Copy Mini Analog Delay

By April 16, 2019Guitars, News, Pedals

The MXR Carbon Copy is an icon of analog delay. Now Dunlop is set to debut the MXR Carbon Copy Mini.

The same massive sound, but with a smaller footprint. Pictures have emerged of the MXR Carbon Copy Mini, with all the functionality of the classic version.

Other pedals in the MXR stable have been released in mini versions, such as the Dyna Comp and Phase 95.

And though no further details are as yet available on the website, the diminutive stompbox packs in a lot of functionality.

Knobwise, there is the mix, for blending wet and dry signals; delay, which sets the delay time and regen, for the amount of repeats. A switch for modulation and a bright switch for distinct repeats.

And of course, at its core is the vintage bucket brigade chip, which offers up to 600 milliseconds of analog delay.

Stay tuned to Dunlop for more details.

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