Ducted Air Conditioning in a Recording Studio

By October 18, 2010Making Enmore Audio
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Air. You can’t live with it and you sure can’t live without it. The basic fundamental of a sound proof space (lets forget about sound treatment and acoustics for a moment) is that it is in essence an airlock. Nothing in and nothing out. Given that we’re dealing with rooms not much bigger than 16 square meters or 32 cubic meters by my count it’s safe to say that after a half day session you’re starting to run out of oxygen.

It is absolutely essential to have ducted air conditioning in a recording studio which is an air lock and therefore liable to be depleted of oxygen

Apart from the air con system and ducting it has been pretty boring here for the last week. An additional layer of flooring went down which you can’t see, all the walls are up and they all look the same so photos would have proven nothing and a heap of measuring and quoting and sample picking went on. In other exciting news, we had a heap of rubbish after this, and had to get the rubbish removal guys in.

As you can see Dr. Who has paid us a visit and punched a few holes in our heritage listed walls ensuring future sale is impossible. I’m starting to wonder if we really did need air in the studio… Surely we could have opened the door every few hours?

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