Dreadbox Reveals the Nyx v2 Duophonic Synthesizer

By May 8, 2019News, Synths

Ahead of Berlin’s Superbooth trade fair, Dreadbox has announced the Nyx v2 duophonic analog synth. It features a semi-modular architecture and Dreadbox’s familiar desktop layout.

Superbooth is back in Berlin this weekend, along with a slew of new products. Dreadbox have thrown their hat in the ring with Nyx v2 analog desktop synth.

The analog paraphonic synth is features two oscillators, white noise generator and an auto tuning function. There’s a flexible dual filter on board, from 12db per octave, up 24db variable width band pass.

Mulitple routing options are possible with the 30 point patch bay, with drone mode and three loopable envelope generators. To top it off, there’s a modulated reverb, which is ideal for dreamy pads and ambient textures.

Head over to the Dreadbox website for more details.

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