Dreadbox Debuts Hades DIY Analog Monosynth

By October 11, 2017News, Synths

The Hades analog monosynth from Dreadbox is a new Eurorack compatible module that you can build yourself.

The Hades from Dreadbox is a Eurorack module that offers up all that analog goodness in a DIY cardboard package.

The Hades is a small unit, that thankfully isn’t too crammed. On the contrary the front panel looks remarkably user-friendly, with fader based controls for its oscillator, filter, amplifier and LFO sections.

It also has a selection of tactile knobs for manipulating the tuning, waveshapes, frequency cutoff and resonance, VCF type and LFO rate and comes with an array of ins and out for connecting with other modules in a Eurorack rig.

It comes in at two price points, €250 for the assembled version, but you’d be crazy not to pay the cheaper price (€140) and put it together yourself.

Check out the Dreadbox website for more details.


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