Download the Synth One iPhone App from AudioKit for Free

By February 7, 2019News, Software, Synths

What’s not to like? The epic Synth One app from AudioKit has been making waves on the iPad for a while. Now it’s available to download for free as an iPhone app.

The Synth One app from AudioKit has earned top marks for its all round ability. Now, as an iPhone app, it’s even more portable. And yep, it’s all for free.

Even more remarkably, the synth was born from contributions of volunteers. Here’s how they sum up their mission:

“Please note that we all are volunteers. AudioKit does not have any sponsors or investors. We are all musician/developers who love making apps. Any help spreading the word about this app would be appreciated. The more people that know about the apps, the more musicians can enjoy them!”

For keen developers out there, you can contribute to the further development of the instrument by accessing the source code here.

Visit the app store for more information.

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