Download 167 Stab Samples For Free

By March 18, 2019News, Software
keyboard stabs

They might only last a second, but the impact of a stab can be infinitely profound. Slotting a few into your track can be great for creating catchy hooks and could just be the thing that gets it stuck in someone’s head. It’s always pretty handy to have a few on tap if you need them and lucky for you, the legends at Sample Radar are offering 167 stab samples for free.

keyboard stabs

In need of a free stab? Sample Radar is giving away 167 stab samples for free, including horns, bass, guitars and synths.

The collection includes various instruments, from guitars and horns, to strings and percussion. Each sample is offered as a WAV file, so they can be dragged directly into your DAW or sampler, and they’re also royalty-free, so you can use them in any way that you choose.

Head on over to Sample Radar to download your stab samples absolutely free.

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