DJ Vinyl Anywhere With the Reloop SPIN

By June 5, 2019DJ, News
Reloop Spin

The DJ world is becoming more and more saturated with DJ controllers that promise the flexibility of DJ performance on the go, which is all well and good if you use software and USBs. But what about those that prefer to perform with vinyl? Well, I present to you the Reloop SPIN.

Reloop Spin

With modern connectivity and stability measures, the Reloop Spin takes classic vinyl playability offroad.

Reloop’s new SPIN takes an old-school vinyl player design and packs in all the features of modern connectivity, including Bluetooth streaming, USB, Aux-in, two headphone outs and even a built-in speaker. The deck also has stability measures, so you can really take the SPIN off-road, including a stable tonearm with transportation lock, and anti-skid feet.

“With SPIN, we present a portable turntable that guarantees mobile fun anywhere you want! The turntable comes with everything you need out of the box, including an exclusive 7“ scratch vinyl for beginners and experienced artists alike,” states Reloop.

For more information take a look at Reloop’s website.

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