Dive Into Four Kinds of Ambience: Walrus Audio Unveils Fathom Reverb

By January 16, 2018News, Pedals

Walrus Audio has just launched the Fathom Multi-Function reverb pedal, featuring four different customised algorithms.

walrus audio fathom

The Fathom Multi-Function reverb stompbox from Walrus Audio envelopes guitar tone in classic mechanical chambers and endless dreamscapes.

The four environments to choose from include Hall: massive decay with high-frequency rolloff; Plate: a classic plate tone with a smooth metallic decay; Lo-Fi: filtered reverb with warmth, ranging to the brittleness of AM radio; lastly, Sonar: reverb mixed with high and low octaves with the ability to customise blends.

In addition to the types of reverb, there are global controls like decay time, dampen (which acts like an EQ for shaping the tone of the decay), mix control and a switch for high, medium and low levels of modulation.

The X knob changes function depending on which algorithm is chosen. For Hall and Plate, it controls the pre-delay. For Lo-Fi it controls the filter width and for Sonarit controls the blend between high and low octaves.

The Fathom is available for pre-order now, so visit Walrus Audio for more details.

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