Did the MacBook Pro Get Even More Pro?

new mac book pro music production laptop 8 core mac book pro

Apple’s MacBook Pro has long been a go to for music producers in the studio and on the go. Now the tech monolith has debuted the latest range with first ever eight core version of the laptop.

new mac book pro music production laptop 8 core mac book pro

A staple of the DAW based studio, Apple’s MacBook Pro has been a hub of many a production. Now they’ve released their first eight core version, ready to handle even bigger sessions.

The top of the range 15-inch version comes fitted with a ninth generation Intel Core i9, octo-core CPU, with 16GB of RAM and a 512GB SSD. And if that blizzard of acronyms doesn’t mean anything to you – let’s just say, the thing is fast. And powerful.

Having more CPU cores means that software can run more efficiently (depending on the software you’re using, of course). Meaning that you can load up sessions with more plugins and virtual instruments, operating at lightning speed, with less risk of lagging or crashing.

Check out the Apple website for more details.

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