David Gilmour Details his Favourite Guitars in New Podcast

By May 30, 2019Guitars, News
david gilmour guitar strat auction podcast

David Gilmour, singer, songwriter and guitar demigod of Pink Floyd fame is releasing a series of three podcasts, spilling the beans on his favourite axes. It comes ahead of the June auction of 120 of his guitars.

david gilmour guitar strat auction podcast

Pink Floyd legend, David Gilmour is releasing a three part podcast series, discussing his choice guitars – to be published ahead of his 120-strong auction of his prized collection.

The first episode tells the story of the one and only Black Strat. This was the guitar that accompanied Gilmour on most of his career highlights, including the solo for Comfortably Numb.

Episode two will feature a demo and discussion on two Martin acoustics, which were immortalised on Wish You Were Here.

The third instalment covers the frontman’s 1954 white Stratocaster. It brandished with the 0001 serial number, plus it was also owned by another iconic figure, Seymour Duncan.

Click here for further details on the podcast.

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