Darkglass Announces New Vintage Ultra and Deluxe Bass Pedals

By May 1, 2018Bass, News, Pedals

Finnish bass specialists Darkglass have just unveiled updates to two of their bass preamp pedals, the Vintage Deluxe V3 and the Vintage Ultra V2.

Specialist bass preamp pedals with a host of tone shaping options: Darkglass are set to release upgraded versions of the Vintage Deluxe and Vintage Ultra.

The Vintage Ultra features a swathe of EQ options to sculpt a clean bass tone. There’s also options for blending clean and overdriven signals, an attack switch for high frequency saturation and a grunt switch for beefing up the bottom end with distortion.

Cabinet simulation is also available on the Ultra, with a USB connection to load impulse responses via Darkglass Suite software.

The Vintage Deluxe is a more subtle affair, complete with four-band EQ with switchable options for lo-mids and hi-mids. It also has a parallel output, handy for parallel processing.

Check out Darkglass Electronics for more information.

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