Danelectro Adds More Vintage Flair to its Lineup with the ’66T and ’59X

By June 29, 2018Guitars, News

If you’re after some twangy goodness with a vintage feel, Danelectro has got you covered, with the introduction of the new (but old) ’66T and ’59X.

Danelectro '66T '59X

Take a walk down memory lane, with Danelectro’s new (but old) ’66T and ’59X guitars. Check them out below.

The ’66 is now available as the ’66T, the new outfit including a Wilkinson vibrato, vintage style single coil pickup in the neck and twin lipstick tube humbuckers in the bridge, splittable via a push pull tone control.

The new kit is also available in a baritone setup, the ’66BT. Colour options are retro to match, the ’66T available in transparent orange, transparent blue and gloss black, while the ’66BT comes in 3 tone sunburst, transparent blue and transparent red.

The ’59X is a revamp of Danelectro’s most recognisable guitar, adding a high output single coil neck pickup and a lipstick humbucker in the bridge. Danelectro have also kindly supplied the option of a tremolo arm, the ’59XT. The ’59X is available in the classic colours of  black, cream, dark blue and dark red, while the ’59XT comes in silver, burgundy, aqua and gloss black.


For more information take a look at the Danelectro site.

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