Daedelus and Bleep Labs Team Up for the Delaydelus 2

delaydelus module daedelus bleep labs

In 2015, Daedelus and Bleep Labs released the original Delaydelus, a limited-edition custom sampler and delay unit with arcade style-buttons and alligator-clip patch play.

Now, they’ve unveiled its successor, the modular-friendly and limited-edition Delaydelus 2.The Delaydelus 2 replaces the alligator-clips of its predecessor with a banana plug patch bay, and also adds CV and trigger ins and outs for connecting a Eurorack system or other analog gear.delaydelus module daedelus bleep labs

Daedelus and Bleep Labs have unveiled the new Delaydelus 2, a stand-alone modular-friendly sampler delay module with a stack of epic features.

The Delaydelus 2 is essentially a performative sampler that can manipulate the pitch of 4 stereo samples at once. Paired with the CV ins and outs, a syncable delay, and audio input, this little machine can conjure up anything from psychedelic dub beats to outer-dimensional noise loops, with or without additional gear. Sounds can be captured via the audio input or loaded via a Micro SD card, though the unit also comes loaded with samples from Daedelus himself.

The Delaydelus 2 is a stand-alone unit that’s made to live outside a rack so you can perform with it more easily, or use it without modular gear entirely.

It’s not necessarily semi-modular but Daedelus encourage self-patching. The device takes -5 to 9V CV inputs, triggers over 3V, sends 10V triggers, and sends 0-8V CV out Audio in and outs are line level AC coupled.

Delaydelus 2 is available to pre-order now for $295, and includes a pin designed by Trek Matthews, the graphic designer responsible for the striking case. Only 100 units will be manufactured and pre-orders will close as soon as that number is reached, so you’ve gotta act fast if you want to snatch up one of these beauties.

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