Creating Sounds with Shapes: Meet the Nylon Soft Synth

By June 5, 2019News, Software, Synths
nylon synth wave casual software synth

German software startup, Wave Casual, have debuted their first instrument – Nylon. It’s a geometry-based synth that encourages the spirit of exploration. nylon synth wave casual software synth

Nylon is the debut instrument from Wave Casual. It’s geometry-based synth that encourages you to explore sounds with shapes.

It really is a novel, but very logical way of conceptualising sounds. Here’s how they explain the synth’s architecture:

The algorithm translates this path to sound, preserving aesthetic properties like sharpness, complexity and symmetry. Each oscillator comes with two shapes, that can be morphed into each other. This lets you easily create complex, interesting, moving timbres, all before the filter.”

Other features include analog modelled filters with drive, ultra fat chorus and spacious delay and six freely assignable modulators.

Visit the website for more details.

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