Create Sonic Ruins with the Absolute Destruction Fuzz from Death By Audio

By January 3, 2018News, Pedals
death by audio absolute destruction

Boutique pedalmakers Death By Audio have just released their newest creation, the Absolute Destruction.
death by audio absolute destruction

A pedal that has little to no respect for what instruments actually sound like? Death By Audio’s Absolute Destruction Fuzz destroys tone in beautiful ways.

This versatile and aggressive beast combines fuzz, compression, octaves and overdrive in a simple yet unique interface. The controls are few, but how you use them is quite different to most other pedals.

First up is the big red knob that controls the master volume, but it gets more interesting further down. There are two horizontal sliders that control overdrive and gain.

The crossfade diagram above the sliders indicates that the two effects can be mixed for interesting results. The farther left the overload is set the quicker the tone is destroyed. Get even crazier by having the gain and overload at opposite ends.

Death by Audio sum it up best by telling us to, “think of it as a psychotic compressor, or the sound your amp might make when literally on fire”.

Check out Death By Audio for more details.

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