Counterfeit Pro Audio Factory Raided in China

By March 22, 2019News, Outboard

A factory that has been producing counterfeit pro audio equipment has been raided in Enping City, China. They’ve made fake versions of Harman, Sennheiser, Shure and Yamaha gear.

Ever spotted a fake? A factory in China has been busted making counterfeit audio gear. They’ve copied the likes of Shure, Yamaha, Harman and Sennheiser.

The gear that has been captured included microphones, consoles, amplifiers and other processors.

And although they’re competitors in the pro audio space, the four aforementioned brands are teaming up to legally go after the directors of the company responsible, Soundpu.

So be careful to inspect closely when buying second hand! If possible, it’s best to source your products from authorised dealers.

[Via ProSound Network].

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