Connect to your DAW or Stand Alone with the Akai MPK Mini Play

Akai Pro has revealed the MPK Mini Play. Yes, it still has regular MIDI control capabilities, but it also stands alone with its own built in sounds.

With or without the computer, Akai Pro’s MPK Mini Play is ready to go. Play your favourite virtual instruments or use its built-in library of sounds.

Based on their popular MPK Mini, the Mini Play ships with 128 built-in tones and drum kits. These are all playable via the 25 keys and eight backlit MPC pads.

If you really want to go unplugged, it can be powered by three AA batteries and comes with a built-in speaker.

The new device still maintains the MIDI capabilities of the classic MPK Mini, with all knobs and joysticks able to send MIDI messages when in controller mode.

Visit the Akai website for details.

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