Compression Made Minimal: Meet the Korvpressor Plugin

compressor korvpressor klevgrand plugin

Swedish plugin master Klevgrand have released the latest version of the Korvpressor. It’s a piece of software that eschews the retro trend, favouring an elegant, easy to understand interface.

compressor korvpressor klevgrand plugin

Compression plugins are rarely so elegant. With a few simple controls, the Korvpressor from Klevgrand makes the sometimes opaque art of compression easy to understand.

Here’s how the manufacturer describes the updated version of he plugin:

It has a super-simple UI with a unique approach on how to tame and visualize a compressor, now also with some added controls to make it even more versatile. The basic controls are still minimalistic – set the input gain, level of compression, and the output gain.”

Despite its spartan nature, new features include the attack/release time switch, dry/wet mix, ratio switch, brickwall limiter switch and more.

The software runs on Mac, Windows and iOS for iPad productions.

Visit Klevgrand for more information.

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