Coming Soon: Dreadbox and Polyend are Set to Release the Medusa Analog Monosynth

By March 19, 2018Features, Synths

On their Facebook page, Dreadbox have teased a photo of the new Medusa synth, with the enigmatic caption, “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

Dreadbox and Polyend have teamed up to create the Medusa analog monosynth. It’s set to dish up monstrous tones with advanced sequencing capability.

Dreadbox have earned a reputation for creating aesthetically pleasing and sonically luscious desktop synths like the Abyss polysynth and the Erebus paraphonic model.

The new synth takes it down to a single voice, but judging from the photo, it’s fair to assume that some sophisticated step-sequencing is part of the package.

Polyend is the other partner involved in the creation of the new synth. They developed the Seq: an incredibly advanced step sequencer, so this can only bode well for the performance aspects of the Medusa.

Stay tuned to the Dreadbox website for any updates.

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