Classic Analog Synthesis for the iPad: Moog Brings the Minimoog Model D App to iOS

By March 27, 2018News, Software, Synths

The legendary monosynth is back and ready for a new generation: the Minimoog Model D App has just been released on the iOS platform.

Minimoog Model D AppThe Minimoog Model D was the most monstrous monosynth of the 1970s. Moog has brought it back to life in app form with new functionality and features.

Originally released in 1970, the Model D went on to become one of the most popular synths of all time. It’s size and functionality put it within the reach of regular musicians, who perhaps didn’t fancy the prospect of setting up a giant modular rig.

With the new app, the synth is even more user-friendly, adding welcome functions like preset browsing, polyphony, arpeggiator and loop recording to mention a few. Another feature that make it more usable in the iOS recording ecosystem is AUv3 Audio unit support, so you can use it within the Garageband app.

So if you don’t have the several thousand dollars to try out the hardware reissue (released in 2016), or even more money to lay your hands on an original, the $4.99 asking price for the Model D App is a steal.

Check out Moog for more details.

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