Check Out The New Piece of Magical Hardware from Critter & Guitari That Turns Audio into Visuals

By April 21, 2017News, Synths
ETC Video Synthesizer

The dilemma of creating fascinating eye candy to synchronise with live music is one step closer to being solved with a killer piece of hardware from boutique favourites, Critter and Guitari – it’s called the ETC Video Synthesizer.

ETC Video Synthesizer

Check out the new piece of magical hardware from Critter & Guitari that turns audio into visuals – the ETC Visual Synthesizer.

From a MIDI or audio source, visual patterns are sent out via HDMI that can smoothly transition, warp, strobe or glitch out to your taste. You can even save your favourite scenes for later recall. And with the ability to automate scene movement via MIDI, you can use your controller to manipulate visual information live.

If you’re not familiar with the quality and originality that Critter and Guitari have brought to musical instruments – checking out the Pocket Piano: a colourful multimode synth that features ergonomically designed wooden keys – it’s well your time.

The ETC (along with all of Critter and Guitari’s innovative creations) is available here.

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