Check Out a Modular Rig Created from Nuclear Testing Equipment

By May 22, 2019News, Outboard, Synths
modular rig hainbach nuclear testing

It’s always fun to follow the adventures of experimental YouTuber, Hainbach. This time, he’s back a unique approach to modular synthesis, using old school nuclear testing equipment.

modular rig hainbach nuclear testing

Hainbach has resurfaced, fresh from trawling the far corners of the internet searching for nuclear testing equipment. The result is a modular rig like no other.

So, how do you even comprehend what to do with this non-musical gear? Well, a good starting point is to find the cartoon at around three minutes, which explains the most important module in the setup – namely the PAR 220 lock in amplifier.

Hainbach explains that lock in amplifiers find signals that are buried in noise and amplify them. He then goes onto experiment with the module in a musical way, translating the controls into a musical context.

And of course, the juicy bit is how it can process audio. He hooks it up to a drum machine and makes some sci-fi sounding beats, which are perfectly in keeping with the gear he’s using.

Check out the full demo below:

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