Chase Bliss Audio Releases the Zelda-Inspired Dark World

By November 21, 2018News, Pedals
chase bliss dark world

Chase Bliss Audio has crafted a truly unique reverb pedal that is inspired by Super Nintendo’s The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past. The Dark World is Chase Bliss’ first fully digital offering and was created in collaboration with Keeley Engineering and Cooper FX.

chase bliss dark worldInspired by Super Nintendo’s The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, Chase Bliss Audio’s Dark World is a reverb like no other.

The Dark World has two channels, which align with the two worlds in Zelda. The ‘World’ channel, built by Keely, offers reverb that is more familiar and true-to-life, including Hall, Plate, and Spring. ‘Dark’, built by Cooper FX, is more mysterious and strange, featuring Mod, Shim, and the extra-ethereal ‘Black’ setting.

These two channels can be used independently or can be made to combine in 33 different ways. Either world is able to trigger effects on the other and the mixed up combinations range from subtle to crazy glitching shimmers.

Further adjustments can be made through digital controls, MIDI controls and a dip-switch. You can also set presets to save your favourite combinations.

Chase Bliss Audio have released a mini-documentary, in which the inspirations and construction of this quirky pedal are described, it’s well worth a watch.

Check out the Chase Bliss Audio’s product page.

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