Chase Bliss Audio Announces Preamp MKII Pedal

By January 23, 2019Guitar, News, Outboard, Pedals

Boutique pedal makers, Chase Bliss Audio have just announced the Preamp MKII pedal. It’s to be the first in a line of Automotone devices, which feature robotic controls.

It’s a short video, but we’re still excited. Chase Bliss Audio have showed off their Preamp MKII pedal. It features robotic controls and endless sonic possibilities.

Chase Bliss Audio teamed up with Portland amp makers, Benson, for the new product. And while it’s hard to glean too much from the short clip, the scrolling through instantly recallable presets seems to demonstrate the company’s “Digital brain. Analog heart” motto.

The fader-heavy front panel includes volume and gain controls, as well three band EQ (with Q control). Oh, and there’s also a button which engages the gnarliest fuzz you’ve ever heard.

Stay tuned for more info on the Chase Bliss Audio website.

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