Chandler Unveils the Abbey Road TG Microphone

Chandler has just increased their stable of Abbey Road flavoured products with the TG Microphone. It’s a large diaphragm condenser that dishes up the flavour of the TG 12410 mastering console.

The TG Microphone from Chandler Limited is saturated in the soul of Abbey Road. This innovative condenser takes on the flavour of the TG 12410 mastering console.

The unique TG sonic signature is delivered by the onboard “Tape Equalizer” – a piece of DNA shared with the aforementioned mastering desk. This allows engineers to sculpt the sound at the source and adding to its versatility.

Another notable feature is the “Dual Tone System.” Chandler say that, “System ‘A’ is characteristically TG mid forward and more open, while system ‘B’ is capable of taking extreme SPLs.

The TG Microphone also has its own power supply unit, so it doesn’t rely on phantom power. According to Chandler’s chief designer, Wade Goeke, “Using an external PSU has allowed us to bypass what we consider all the drawbacks of a solid-state mic design and deliver a microphone that can compete with any topology.”

Head over to the Chandler website for more information.

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