Chandler and Abbey Road Studios Release New 500-Series Compressor and EQ

By October 31, 2017Mixing, News, Production, Recording

Chandler Limited and Abbey Road Studios have continued their collaboration with two new 500-series modules: the TG12345 Mk IV EQ and the TG Opto compressor.


Chandler and Abbey Road have deepened their fruitful partnership with two new tasteful pieces of hardware: the TG Opto compressor and the TG12345 Mk IV EQ.

The TG12345 is a two-band EQ, therefore it tends toward a “musical” interpretation of the frequency spectrum, rather than a surgical precise one. The bass EQ features a shelving filter that can be set to 90 or 150hZ, while the top end or “presence” knob can add up to 10dB worth of bell-curve boost or cut at a selections of frequencies between 500hZ and 10khZ.

The TG Opto is a double-width unit that features continuous input and makeup gain controls, with attack and release knobs. Chandler say that the “attitude” of the compressor, however,  is found in the sharp and rounded knee switch. The sharp setting is capable of yielding explosive drum sounds, the rounded knee offers up a more gentle dynamic shaping of the signal.

Best of all, with the already exisiting TG2 500 preamp, you can built an affordable version of TG channel strip with the addition of the these two units.

Visit Chandler Limited for more information.

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